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Dreaming Smiling Relaxing is Within Us, But it would be Daring for You to Wake up from your Comfort Zone and Become The Change… To Do The Impossible …
Let’s inspire to Empower The Common Man to Lead – Hilary Albert

One For All And All For One for development, anti corruption and social welfare of the people to provide funds for:-

  • Free medical care of elderly and sick patients, and eradicating hunger, Sickness and poverty
  • Promoting for Health, Sports and its promotion, funding of infra structure.
  • Rejuvenation of ponds, Parks, greenery, Cleaning and Beautification, waste management, etc.
  • Development of organic farming and agriculture promotion, marketing, Packing and Research, etc.
  • Funding start-ups and ssi units for job development without interest.
  • Research in Self reliance, Medical research, IT Research, Alternate Energy, etc.
  • To fund RTI and Legal Cases for Poor and welfare of the people
  • To Keep a Reserve fund to be used for emergency and calamities

These funds to be internally contributed by a working member as a party fund which can be utilized for our vision.
Note: -Income Tax or Pan Card Holders can Pay more but will be limited to a certain limit in a Year. The Fund Collected will be spend in their Respective Office Areas for the activities or projects listed by the Office.

Objective – Bringing People Together to Make Things Better …

  • To make us The IT Research Centre of the of the world
  • Health Care Capital of the world
  • Medical Research in Ayurveda and Allopathy, Pharma Research Centres
  • Safest Tourist Place with More than 1000 Destinations with world class facility
  • First full Organic Farming state
  • Organic Exporter of Fruits and Vegetables
  • Ship Building and Marine Technology
  • More New Roads and Infrastructure with International Quality
  • International Standard Sports Centres Schools and Districts
  • Asian /Olympic Participation in All Events
  • Free Education in Government Medical Colleges and Engineering Colleges for People in Kerala And Other States That It Have Representation
  • Free Health Care for All Patients in Government Hospitals
  • Police to Be Responsible and Transparent in Investigations
  • Police to Reach for Help In 3 To 5 Minutes
  • Ambulance and Paramedics to Reach Within 3 To 5 Minutes to Help the Victims
  • Bring Foreign Education Standards in Kerala And Other States That It Has Representation
  • Kerala To Be Hub for Education and Health Care and Help Other States to Follow It.
  • Research on Drones and Robotic Technology
  • Research in Green and Organic Technology
  • Concrete and Mangroves for Sea Wall Full Costal Line in Kerala And This to Be Used for Natural Resource for Electricity with Solar, Wind, Etc. Energy and To Make Kerala Surplus in Electricity (Expected Output To 10000 MW)
  • New Generation Electric Cars Development Funding to Be Done Via Engineering Colleges
  • First State to Have Full Democracy with Every Panchayath Having Its Own Office, With Community Police and State Police, Judiciary, Information Centre, Development Fund, Natural Disaster Management, Video Conferencing to The CM Office, etc.
  • To have evaluate the elected representatives after 2 years in all forms of election.
  • All Panchayath Or Offices to Have Opinion Poll Desk.
  • Members Who Hold Positions Can Be Recalled by Party If They Are Not Efficient.
  • Initial Membership Campaigns to Be Concentrated in Kerala And Then to Other Parts of India.
  • Reduce GST Taxes
  • Reduce income taxes to 10% or less.
  • To Craft Create Self Sufficient Districts