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Corruption of Public Servants. The member can login their complaints through the portal or app.
Should Work for The Welfare of All Citizens To
Members Who Are Working Should Donate for The Welfare of The Society to Eradicate Hunger, Poverty and Encourage Work as A Group to Do the Different Projects and Activates in Their Locations or Offices.
Empowering the Members of The Party to Spend the Donated Money for Welfare of The Society and Social Causes with Full Clarity in Accounts Through the Member Login Platform.
Party members can log their complaints through a common portal which can be viewed to know the status. Empowering local office with funds thus bringing power to the common man to uplift the society.
Active Members Will Earn Points for All Their Work Tasks and Points Status Can Be Viewed from Their Login Screen or Viewed at Their Offices.
Members Can Work as A Journalists or Help People with RTI’S Or Post Their Grievances to Help Them to Find A Solution.

Responsibility of members

  • Be Like A Journalist
  • Always Try to Find A Job for A Non-Working Member
  • Generate Ideas for Growth and Development
  • Bring in New Members
  • Spend Allocated Funds Wisely
  • Help People Around You, Be the Change