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The Current projects listed by us shown in the summary


Projects are Work objectives That are currently Taken up By PAY to Help People
All Projects Will Be Based on The Below or As Per Decision of The Local Body

  • Free Medical Care of Elderly and Sick Patients, And Eradicating Hunger, Sickness and Poverty
  • Promoting for Health, Sports and Its Promotion, Funding of Infra Structure.
  • Rejuvenation of Ponds, Greenery, Parks, Cleaning, Waste Management, etc.
  • Development of Organic Farming and Agriculture Promotion, Marketing, Packing and Research, etc.
  • Funding Start-Ups and SSI Units for Job Development Without Interest.
  • Research in Self reliance, Medical research, IT Research, Alternate Energy, etc.
  • To Party Promotion and Expenses
  • To Fund RTI and Legal Cases for Poor and Welfare of the People
  • To Keep A Reserve Fund to Be Used for Emergency and Calamities