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Membership of the Party

  • Open to all Indian Citizens above 18 years of age and its free.
  • Should not have criminal cases
  • Members should not be affiliated to other party
  • Should work for the common good of the people
  • Should work to expose the corruption of public servants
  • should work for the welfare of all citizens to eradicate hunger and poverty
  • Members who are working should donate for the welfare of the society.
  • Empowering the Members of the Party to spend the donated money for welfare of the Society and Social Causes with full clarity in accounts through the member Log in platform.
  • Party Members can Log their complaints through a common portal which can be viewed and
    Bringing Power to the Common Man to uplift the society.
  • Membership Process

    • Membership to the party is free
    • Subscription or Active Members shall be members who Earn
    • Active Members will earn Points for all their work.
    • Units of members in the Panchayath will be the base, then district members, state members and National Executive.
      Membership can be taken online or at the party office by submitting the required mandatory information in the website or at the party office.
      Subscription or Active members are persons who pay a monthly fee or donations for the party to promote and conduct activities for the welfare of the people.
      All members are free to participate in all general events of the party
      Only Active members or members with a minimum prescribed activity or points will be able to vote for events or stand for elections within the party.
      Party representatives elected or nominated will be able to participate in the party executives
      Members can be deactivated if the District our Panchayath unit feels it has not fulfilled the basic criteria of membership.
      Membership will be suspended in case of internal enquiry or if working against the common benefit of the party. Suspension can be changed after the enquiry.
      Active members of the party cannot deactivate themselves if they have high score of points unless the district or state committee decides after a hearing of the member.
      Members can point their differences and they should be treated as internal democracy.
      Membership can be deactivated if the members is not active for more than 2 years.
      Members will get points based on their work for all activities done for the party.
      Members will be evaluated on their activities and their points